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Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 5 – Mike Rohde

Of course, I heard about Mike Rohde, his books, his work as an illustrator for famous books Rework and Remote. At that time, I was a bit short cash and buying more books was not a priority. That postponed my encounter with the work of Mike. Finally, in 2017, I bought the books, read them […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 4 – Krisztina Szerovay

Sometime in 2016, I got a super brilliant idea. Why not using for my work, what I learned for in sketchnoting? I was already in Diane Bleck Doodle Institute but I was seeing it as a personal development. I was working on prototypes at that time. I knew I had to do an effort in […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 3 – Tammay Vora

I’ve never met Tammay, but I know we have 3 love in common. Tammay lives in India, he draws and he’s passionate about how people learn and share. I came across Tammay’s tweets illustrated with his sketchnotes late 2015. Has such he has been in my Personal Learning Network for Sketchnoting for a long while. […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 2 – Sylvia Duckworth

Even if you don’t know her, you know her drawings. Sharp drawings made with bright colors explaining complex topics in learning or psychology. If I show you one, you’ll say “oh yes, I recognize this style”. Like this one, shared by my friend Diana Battery Life #ftw 👍(by @sylviaduckworth via @chboursin)#wifi#tech#humor pic.twitter.com/rJOJEIxj4t — Diana Adams […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 1 – Mauro Toselli aka @xLontrax

Let’s start this advent calendar with Mauro. let’s follow the order of my discovery. Mauro Toselli is also a keystone of the Sketchnoting community, so he is well placed in first position. I notice Mauro appear in my Twitter feed around 2015. Someone retweeted his work. He was sharing pictures of a long walk in […]

A practical guide to Lifelong Self-Directed Learning

Ambiance Yesterday night I shared the dinner table with 3 young Japanese at the backpacker’s lodge of Alice Springs. They just came back from Uluru and were on their way back to Japan. One faced me and asked. Could you share your trick for work? When I’ll be back in Japan, I start right away […]

How I organize my personal notes for long-term sustainable use

I keep a lot of notes, scanned documents and this since 2000. In 2004 I went totally paperless because I went for a World Tour. I had to be able to manage my business, customers, legal stuff and archives in a small volume. I manage today 60694 items in 30 GB just for the private […]

The Ideal PKM Week

Last week #PKMChat was on the ideal week for practicing #PKM. This post to collects the best contributions. For each tweet, you can click on the date to see the conversation around it. You can use those are actionable items to enhance your own practice. – Use transition times for exploration, seeking interesting news. – […]

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