Personal Knowledge Meze

A culinary metaphor A meze is a meal made of 6 or more small dishes common around Eastern Mediterranean sea. People pick from each dishes to compose their own meal. Personal Knowledge Meze is a good explanation of what is PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) and it shares the same Three Letter Acronym. Personal knowledge […]

Wheel of Life experience

This Sunday I learned about using the wheel of life in self-coaching and taught myself Google App script programming. The Wheel of Life is a coaching device to assess current environment conditions before and during development. It applies to personal development as well as professional development, just the labels vary. I was introduced to this […]

Making-Of Creating of Story out of a conversation

Half-bake takeway from #PKMChat on Sense-making

We had this #PKMChat yesterday on Sense-Making, I went to bed and some ideas came back to my mind when I woke up during my wake up process. I tend to dislike sharing half-baked ideas but the point of this one is precisely on the benefits of it. Floating ideas Harold Jarche insisted on the […]

Wake up morning Knowledge Process

Knowledge and Processes Hard to say what Knowledge consists of but it’s easier to introspect on our practices and see how it changes between two moments. Not only this emerge incoming and outgoing flows but also the processes attached to it. In a second stage, it’s an occasion to have a reflective look on them. […]

How to make my work observable

120 words half bake thought for the impatient: According to Bryce Williams having an Observable Work is half of Working Out Loud. Working Out Loud = Observable Work + Narrating Your Work It makes sense for me but as a knowledge worker I realize I have no clue on how to make my work viewable […]