How to start on Kneaver

Creating a space on Kneaver is simple and straightforward, however we offer this very detailed help to serve as a reference.

  1. Go to the page with registration form and complete it.
    You will find it at :
    It’s easy : your full name and a valid email address.
  2. On this email address you will receive your invitation within a minute.
    It is in plain text, nothing fancy. Check your spam box if you didn’t receive it.
    You can try again if you are unsure of your email address. Contact us if this persists.
  3. In the mail you find a link to your private space. It will look like Each of us benefits from a private separate space, it’s privacy-first on Kneaver. In the mail you will also find your password, we generated it for you to save your time. It’s quite complex but you will typically enter it once only.
  4. Click on this link. You should reach a waiting page while we start your instance. This page will refresh automatically every 3 seconds until your space is ready. It should be fast. If you never obtained the waiting page, close the window and start again from the mail. A second tentative is usually successful. If it’s not the case contact us.
  5. When your space starts you will be presented a login dialog. We use digest authentication combined with https so your password will not travel in clear. It is a safe and widely used mechanism and it should be recognized by most systems offering advanced fingerprint authentication. If you use your own computer you can save your password in your browser.
  6. Once authenticated you reach your dashboard. Yes, it’s quite sober. The reason is that we offer an MVP at this stage. A minimum viable product. There are many more features but they will be disclosed over time. The system supports also progressive discovery. Once you are familiar with a first set of features and concepts more options will appear.
  7. Follow this link to start using Twitter chats on Kneaver

Check this post describing Bruno’s experience learning with Twitter chat.

-chats/”>learning with Twitter chat.