Product Feature: Open API for Kneaver

Kneaver comes with several extensibility options:

A. Making calls to Kneaver

1. Using any web client you can address KneaverWeb and use the Web Service API.
This will allow to query the system with SPARQl for example and return RDF
records. You can also create items, check existence, traverse links structure, obtain text valuation (you supply a text, get
how it fit’s in the existing corpus).

2. It is also possible to access KneaverWeb with the following languages: NodeJS (JavaScript , Coffeescript), c++,
PHP on every platform. On windows any COM compliant language can be used like Visual Basic, C#, ASP, ASP.Net.

Source files are also available to make it easy to manipulate some conversions and build queries.

B. Extending Kneaver

This is also part of the Open API

Kneaver is extensible. Our object model can be leveraged server-side as simply as adding small pieces of XHTML as far as using high level language like c++, JavaScript or Visual Basic. So extensions can range from changing some display or layout to complete integration with enterprises packages. At every level as soon as data is concerned XML is the common language.

You can create new templates, alter the schema, install applications within Kneaver. Plain XML template can achieve a lot without knowledge of programming.
Further than that the favorite language today is a kind of VBScript . Templates  can also be fully implemented in c++ and benefit from all access to any API.

The aggregator engine itself is extensible. The prefered language is c++.

We ship several Knowledge Sources : SQL and XML.

  • SQL will support SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL .
  • XML will support plain XML files on disk.

i>XML will support plain XML files on disk.