Product Feature: Open Methodology

Kneaver is a combination of Software and Methodology

Surely you heard about open source, open API. We innovate by introducing Open Methodology as well.

When you start using Kneaver you can just put aside any methodology. After a while you will love some guidance to structure your thoughts. Kneaver allows a progressive maturation of assets.

We recognize 4 major elements of methodology:

  1. Types, Schema, Taxonomy. Behind obvious types like names, phone numbers there is a growing trend to provide standards for describing types, properties and relationships. The benefit of sharing them with others is interoperability and objectivity. Groups like Dublin Core made a great job to define very basic terms like Author, Title, Dates of creation etc.. you database will have it from start as well as others like FOAF (Friend Of A Friend). You can extend this simply by creating new items and using them as types. Are you dealing with cars, books, movies ? simply create a concept of movie and type movies with it. Later you will be able to base behaviours or styles to them to make it easy to manage and recognize.
  2. Applications are packages grouping types, reference data, forms, templates, styles, settings. Some are already loaded in your system like Blogging, Comptency Management, RSS, Idea Box. More can be added.
  3. Prompters are very natural dialogs established between you and your system. They will help you explain who you are, what you do, why you are interested in this subject.
  4. Methodology sheets can be viewed or printed and give you advice on how to move forward. Various methodology like GTD, Franklin Covey 7 habits exists already and we suggest some ideas on how to adopt them using Kneaver which is a powerful instrument. Methodology is far more flexible than a schema or an application. Prompters are helpful to fill the gap.

The Methodoloy is basicaly an initial framework, a documentation and a set of assistant. It is expandable and you also modify it.

The goal of the methodology is to accelerate your work. It help you organize your ideas, goals.

What do you find there ?

  • A framework of types:
    • Blog, Concepts, Persons, Picture, Oargnizations, Weblink, Wikilinks.
    • Standard like Dublin core, foaf.
    • link types and their taxonomy: IsRelatedTo, isPartOf, isMember of
    • Business Process Defintion : Procedure, Roles, Competencies
  • Prompters.
    • Starting from scratch would leave most of us short of what to say. We have ideas but they don’t come at once.
    • Prompters are questions and actions available on each items and depends on types and context.
    • Prompters are implemented as metaprocess and can be stopped, restarted at will. hey will keep track of what was done or skipped on item basis.
  • Documentation
    • 20 sheets of short term action plan are proposed. They suggest general directions and should be applied and combined freely. Use each of them until progress becomes easy and switch to another one.
    • Reference data can be downloaded and use to start.
  • Partners services
    • Kneaver Corp has several partners and we can offer consulting services, Coach, Knowledge management Experts, writers.