First Steps

Your first steps in Kneaver

User Interaction Level:

As soon as you are logged, you are in Kneaver.
A new space for a new type of application. It is a powerful application and to make sure that you start smoothly we set you at the beginner level. We recommend you stay at this level for a few days. The benefit is that several extra settings or input zones are not displayed and this simplifies the system and helps you to focus on starting entering your knowledge.

Discover the environment:

When you log in you will reach your dashboard in Kneaver.  It is split in two.

  • The right side is called the panel and it won’t change. In the panel you will find and use very often the “Go To” combo box. Whenever you are lost think of using this to return to a known place.
  • The left side displays the homepage, knowledge or mind maps.

My Knowledge

When you connect for the first time, the first thing
to do is to click the link “Create My Knowledge”. My Knowledge is the space where you will place Knowledge, Notes, Blog, Favorites until you share them and find them a more powerful place in the Knowledge Canvas.
Click on “Create My Knowledge” or on the small “edit” next to “My Knowledge”.

Continue tutorial at “Create My Knowledge”


At this stage your are alone in your space. It is a separate environment, a separate database protected by a specific password. There is no public access, no sharing possible. Everything you place there is just for you and remains your asset.

our asset.