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Your 3 Smart Filters for Choosing What to Read

How do you decide whether something is worth reading? We are bombarded with content. We can’t read it all. If we choose poorly we’re wasting our time. Even worse we lose our chance to spend time on the best articles and books. Let me show you 3 easy checks to decide if something is worth […]

3 Evidence-Based Tactics to Learn more Efficiently from Live Events

Alternate headlines: 3 Tactics to Learn from Live Events with ease — with sketchnoting clues Proven learning practices are not solely for school teachers; we can apply them deliberately in our self-directed journey. Since there is no instructor in charge, you are the one taking care. Let’s grab some pros actionable tips. You know my […]

What is Personal Knowledge Management?

Lifestyle analogy It’s the self-care of your Knowledge. You can go without but don’t be surprised if you feel left behind, underperforming, or easily fooled by the flow of snake oil on the web. In a time of constant change, reasonable knowledge practice makes your performance sustainable. It’s not bodybuilding. It’s a fit, gentle, and […]

5 ways to improve the learnability of your knowledge dump

Could a simple Knowledge Dump do the transfer itself? Here’s the dream: “I’m gonna write it down, all in one stretch, a long page with everything I know on this topic. I’ll share this and, “et voilà,” knowledge transfer is done.” You have a little bit more work 🙂 We can’t read USB keys yet! […]

Performance without Training costs

There is a way to save cognitive load and increase performance. The pros of workplace learning call it performance consulting. Here is how to think of it for the rest of us who deal with small teams in agile ways. Mind that small teams can be just ourselves. The situation You have a repeating task […]

The Hidden Gift of First Hires

Recollecting the knowledge we accumulated from our experience is a challenge. First hires are the unique occasion where new entrepreneurs start sharing their knowledge. It’s a perfect occasion to address this challenge. I had the luck to share a tip with a young first-time entrepreneur in my network. Delighted by her reaction, I thought it […]

How to Overcome the Forgetting curve

Script of our last video: How to Overcome the Forgetting curve to avoid the Fear of Losing what you learn Did you know we forget half of what we learn in the first 24 hours? You are a constant learner, you learn a lot on different topics. Don’t you fear you miss it the moment […]

Upcycle your Questions!

As adults, we start learning with questions. We can upcycle those questions to increase our retention. “Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. ” Src: Wikipedia Did you ever forget soon […]

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