Live Sharing screen shots and picture

Musing on analyzing #PLN from Twitter

I wish to make it easier for new Kneaver users to enter their key domains and people during onboarding. I plan to use the new slate system while leveraging the semantic web, social media connectors capabilities of Kneaver. Inspired by Helen Blunden’s post on mapping her Personal Learning Network, I decided to give it a […]

Twitter Chats rituals

Did you already participate to a twitter chat? You will notice that each chat has it’s ritual. The ritual pretty much define the voice of the chat. When I started #PKMChat I took time to observe existing rituals and introductions from other chats. Being a techie guy I turn it into a feature of Kneaver […]

Why instant recap are better than stories or replays

Instant Recaps are hosted directly in your blog, no script, no javascript, iframe whatever. They are computed from your Kneaver space. – much better for seo – fully own – faster to skim, specially with the “Visual” and “remarkable” pages. – you see the conversations as twitter kept them. – can copy text, tweets, links, […]

How to use Audit All Items

This swiss army knife helps you to review your items at once and apply global changes like edits on the fly in the html code. It is not intended for an every day use. It is intended for fixing database issues like orphan items, badly type items and general review. This means that you will […]