Survey and Interviews

To know more about your needs and keep Kneaver inline with changing habits I designed a survey and wish to procedure with interviews.


Please take the survey at :

The style of the survey is very personal. I studied a lot surveys before and felt that most of the are boring. So at least I hope you will find the questions interesting. I used Limesurvey for that. Limesurvey is an open source survey application available at: .


I wish to conduct interviews in the style of the “Design Thinking Process”. The goal is really to learn you, how you learn, share, retain, what works well and your needs.

We will conducted interviews via Skype (voice only), 45 minutes. I have really just one question but I have several side questions if you wish.

The interview will be recorded. The recording is kept for our internal analysis only. Your name will not be used. We would use a few sentences without referencing you. They will just appear as quotes.

Because the conversation is bound to be interesting we will make the recording available to you as well you use as you desire including making it public.

Contact us anytime to be part interviewed.