Try Now ! FAQ

This Frequently Asked Question page is for everything from the Try Now ! page, the sign-up, the registration until you reach the dashboard inside your space. Please check this FAQ if you access your dashboard.

  • I completed the form, nothing happen.
  • Did you get the green confirmation message above the “Start” button go to here. If not go to here.
  • I don’t understand your registration process
  • Send us your name and email and we will arrange it for you.
  • Is it a problem if I opened 5 accounts and will use one only ?
  • No the unused accounts will be purged after some time.
  • It is possible that my username may clash with someone else ?
  • No each user is in a separate space, there is no way a username may clash from a space to another. What is important is to use your complete URI in the form of

Green confirmation

  • I didn’t receive a welcome mail.
  • Check again and again the spam box. In 90% of the cases your Welcome message is waiting for you there.
  • I wish to change my password.
  • There is no option to change it yourself. You have to place a request.
  • I forgot my password or the link to my space.
  • No problem, email us and we will reset it for you. We can’t resent a password because we don’t store them.
  • I don’t understand your welcome message
  • Send us your name and email and we will help you step by step.

Other confirmations and error messages

  • You get an error message
  • The most common error is that you entered a wrong email
  • Still I get an error message
  • Maybe you used some accentuated characters or regional characters that we didn’t expect.
  • My email is fine, my user name is plain and simple, still it won’t work
  • The system is now becoming mature and under regular tests. Anyway we will look into the issue. Meanwhile send you email and the desired user name.