Survey: Self-Directed Lifelong Learners

Thank you to take this survey for Kneaver!

Purpose of this survey
This survey will be used to get a better understanding of the needs of self-directed lifelong learners. It will be used to validate assumptions in the plans for Kneaver. It will serve to identify opportunities to supply the right solution to the right target. A set of blog posts with the Business Model Canvas will be published in April. The survey raw data will only be used within Kneaver Corp. Results, without nominative references, will appear in a blog post.

Kneaver is a Knowledge Management platform for Teams and Individuals based on a Semantic Network and Social Media connectors. It is focused on meaning, links and social media as opposed to documents oriented CMS solutions like Sharepoint, Evernote or WordPress. For individuals, Kneaver is your companion for your new acquisitions, your plan, your PLN.

Lots of features are already existing this study will also help to identify the most needed ones and define the minimum viable product MVP. Everything will be explained as we embrace transparency, authenticity and working out loud.

If you wish to be interviewed or to allow me to identify, you don’t forget to leave your name

Learning is an important part of Personal Knowledge Management. Replace Learning by PKM, if it makes more sense for you.

There is a “Done” button at the end that must be pressed to validate the survey. There is no possibility yet to pause and restart a survey.

1. Gender

2. Age

Choose where you fit best, if you are right on border values

3. Qualify

Check all that applies, more than 1 on need

4. Change

Did you experience a radical change in your career recently or do you plan to do so

Check all that applies, more than 1 on need

5. Strategy

Which statements describe the best your learning strategy, check all that applies

6. Performance

Choose where you fit

7. Price

How much would you spend monthly for a new tool that allows you to be more effective in learning, capitalizing your knowledge, keep abreast from social learning and news.
You have no idea yet at what this tool could do but assume you see a value in it.
Assume it would not replace some you have already that all other expenses remain stable.
No courses or contents are included.

8. Tools

Tools you use today (paying or not) on a regular basis (don’t check tools you use rarely)

9. Effort

How much weekly effort do you put into your lifelong learning and knowledge sharing. ( be inclusive: Reading blogs post, books, watching videos, following MOOCs, writing for you)

10. Who are you

This question is totally optional unless you are open to be interviewed or you know me already.