I copied this list and tuned it to my needs using @Kneaver at https://kneaver.com/Listmaster

Reclaim your beloved Twitter with Kneaver ListMaster!

ListMaster let you configure optimally your Twitter lists for a richer experience. If you use Twitter for learning or stay abreast in your domain this is for you. Well crafted lists will restore a cluttered stream.

Lists will help you if you have more than 100 friends on Twitter and you gain regularly fresh knowledge from some of them. By tuning your lists to make them work for you you will save time and attention on Twitter before a week. You will experience less cognitive fatigue due to constant exposure to repeated promoting messages. Check also our quiet mode with scheduled or repeated tweet tamed out.

Get the right tools for the job a well!

Build them from topics lists curated by others to fit your usage.

  • Social marketers are fully equipped with automated tools, smart analytics
  • Twitter use Artificial Intelligence to filter your stream.
  • How do you preserve your time? Act now, get tools too and starting using lists!

Reuse and design lists, adapt them to your daily routines.
Assign specific lists to foster moments of learning.
Start building topics lists yourself and get recognition from your expertise.

ListMaster let you grab handles of best contributors from hashtags

Subscribe lists you find or our own Open Directory of curated Twitter lists at chatdir.kneaver.com . Twitter lets you subscribe but not arrange or remove duplicates. We found that advanced users only tune regularly to 4 lists. For these reasons, working list are based on usage and intention. Topics list can’t be used directly or a regular basis.

Advance graphs show the volume of tweets generated by your friends or lists members. This lets you isolate heavy tweeters from the smaller voices of interesting people.

You can directly scrap handles from web pages. A Tweeter Chat with an interesting group? A conference? make a list of the top attendees to follow the discussion and follow them on nearby topics.


Sure! Twitter Web, tweetdeck, Hootsuite all let you follow lists directly. They don’t a great deal of help to design them, that our distinctive advantage. Lists can be used anywhere at any time thereafter. We offer a very simple client, single column especially aimed at preserving your concentration. You would use it only in specific occcasions

I empathize:) We tend to fragment our time over hundreds of services offering only one piece of the puzzle. our professional development if worth more than that. This is why we created Kneaver. Listmaster is a an app of your dedicated space. Other tools are available covering the vast range of needs of the independent life-long learner. Listmaster benefits from our powerful concept network database. Efforless transition. When you use Listmaster you ease your debut in the world of computer assisted personal learning. Lusts are just the firs step toward your Personal Learning network #PLN

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