Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 4 – Krisztina Szerovay

Sometime in 2016, I got a super brilliant idea.

Why not using for my work, what I learned for in sketchnoting? I was already in Diane Bleck Doodle Institute but I was seeing it as a personal development. I was working on prototypes at that time. I knew I had to do an effort in User Interface and Experience design. What if I could use sketching for my MVPs? ( Minimum Viable Product, PS: You’ll see an example if you sign for an invite below).

I went to Google and searched “courses sketching UX”. That’s how I found Krisztina and it has been a turn in my life, not less. Not only I was able to apply my passion for drawing to solve an old pain, but Krisztina opened my horizon to Gestalt, communication between developers and designers, storyboarding, job to be done. She never stops reaching to new territories.

Look! I’m now learning UI animation with @rem and @sarah_edo, at the same time she posted a complete map of the design process.

At that time, I didn’t realize that many sketchnoters are in fact in UX, starting with the most famous of them: Mike Rodhe, but also Eva Lotte, Makayla Lewis. We even had a session dedicated to whiteboarding in Lisbon. Sketching for UX is very adequate for lean design, desig thinking, and MVPs pretotype. There are plenty of possibilities, beyond whiteboarding, like here.

That’s her visual knowledge base of UX:

Note that I’m not biased and not the only one to acknowledge Krisztina’s work.

I hope Krisztina will find time to come to Paris next September.

Meanhile you can join her challenge. 100 days of #SketchingForUX at

I’ve done it twice. You end up with a complete vocabulary for designing interactions. It goes beyond UX professional. Anyone can benefit to know how to express interactions. If only to give guidance to the developer of your website, or design a course.

That’s her Twitter account, follow her, you won’t regret it.

Her newsletter:

The course I followed on Udemy:
Using only 3 colors (black, grey and cobalt blue ). Very Zen.

The new course, it’s very new and still at introductory price at time of writing.

That’s all folks!


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