Kneaver is a large project. We keep the goal ambitious and build the solution stage by stage. We invite you to use the existing parts as they become available and enjoy the benefits `right` now. Integration of future modules is already planned so more features will appear smoothly.

The most complex part the web based server (think of it as the maturation stage) is well undergone. 

The front end KneaverTray is like a pump to capture all the Knowledge around you is ready and already be used to accumulate Knowledge. This can’t wait.

More modules and feature will come aound Kneaver Web. Kneaver Filer between Kneaver Web and Kneaver Tray is available for alpha testing. This is the module that automate the distillery  of all incoming informations as explain in the distillery process.

We use internally redmine for bug tracking; Trello for features development, Uservoice for support, FAQ and suggestions.