Search shortcuts

    AKA: Standard Queries shortcuts

    Kneaver has some predifined queries that you can call directly from the search bar. The two characters must be typed together, no spaces before, after or between them.

     ** Most recent items, excluding system items

     *1 My recent changes

     *2 Recent changesby others

     *3 Recent changes private to me

     *4 Recents changes public (a way also to make sure there is no leak in privacy)

     *5 Everything with a name

     *6 My last comments

     *7 Item types (will have a the * icon to create such items)

     *8 Link types

     *9 Pending wiki links ( a good place to start if you lack inspiration, also available in menus)

     *10 My learning plan, less known items

     *T Timeline

     type:name of type items of such type