Every Wednesday at 2PM UTC precisely, I share a slice of my Knowledge.

Raspberry Cake

You are invited to have one.

It’s a delicious snackable Micro-Learning. It takes just a minute and you are gifted with yet another tool.
I serve small tips for independent learners and Personal Knowledge Management.
I will start with a mailing format and build weekly on top of preceding episodes. Later I will turn it into a self-paced free course.
Weeks after weeks you will get smarter.
It’s homemade, fresh from my Knowledge Garden. You will find it nowhere else. I cover domains like Search, Social Media, Establishing a presence, Emerging practices. No prerequisite and I will not cover large topics chunks by chunks, just tips.

Each tip links back to a page where you can ask questions, comment and find details that didn’t fit in 1 minute. So it’s micro-learning but it’s a one side way.

Bonus: At the bottom of the mail a one-liner with the topic of #PKMChat the same day. #PKMChat is a waterhole for open minded and curious tweeps. We share around a topic prepared. We start with a few questions and end up getting deeper into the topic. A great way to network, locate like-minded people.

I will mention where and when Kneaver can help but without insisting. A line in the signature will link to the latest news on Kneaver. No heavy self-promo, no preaching for products or methods to follow. It’s made for independent learners who want to trace their own learning path.

Do you Tips to share? Feel free to contact me.

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