Use Kneaver for Twitter Chats

Quick start :

  • Open a Kneaver Account
  • Click on “Chats” on the top menu in Kneaver dashboard.
  • Connect to Twitter
  • Select your chat
  • Enjoy

detailed instructions:

Kneaver provides an improved access to Twitter chats because the goal of Kneaver is to let you acquiring new Knowledge. In 2014 we acquire Knowledge via online chats taking place regularly on Twitter.

Twitter chats on Kneaver are not just following a channel on a hashtag.

  • The layout is optimized to offer the maximum of visibility to the chat itself.
  • Tweets comes in push mode (web sockets) the latest technology for very interactive web applications. Twitter push the tweets to your space and they are forward to you as soon as they arrive. It’s faster than any other solution, nothing comes in the way, you don’t compete for resources with other users.
  • Tweets from moderator will be prominently displayed.
  • Current question is automatically detected and displayed.
  • Online realtime statistics are displayed giving you immediate insight on most active contributors but also who is the most engaging.
  • Chats are archived and can be reviewed at once later.
  • Transcripts can be generated and post automatically on a WordPress blog.
  • When you retweet and comment Kneaver applies shortening transformation to accommodate in 140 characters.

How to start:

  1. You need a Kneaver account. It’s fee and easy. Start Now or follow detailed instructions here.
  2. When you reach your dashboard choose the menu on the top : “Chats” (later it may become something like first menu “Network”, sub menu “Chats”).
  3. You reach the chats page.
  4. You must connect to your Twitter account.
    1. Because each user is in his own private space, the connection with Twitter use a PIN code.
    2. This means that when you start the procedure a new window will open,
    3. You will confirm on Twitter that you allow Kneaver to read and place the tweets you will write.
    4. When you confirmed a PIN code will be displayed
    5. You will have to copy it to the original page which is still open AND validate.
  5. Now your Kneaver and your Twitter account are connected.
  6. Select the chat you want to attend in the list below.
  7. This will bring you to the chat page.
    • An input zone at the top to enter tweets, the hashtag is preset.
    • tweets, all the tweets since the chat started even if you join late. The time indicates how long ago they were posted to Twitter (not when they reach you). The time is updated in real-time.
    • The tweets are scrolling with the page. There is only one vertical scroll to care about. The input zone stays always above them.
    • Icons allow retweets, reply etc.
    • Feel free to send any suggestions on how to turn Kneaver into the dream tool for Twitter chats.
  8. You can close Kneaver, open two windows, use another chat tool in parallel, all is supported. You can also attend several chat simultaneously on different windows.