Do More with what you know.

Go beyond note-taking, cross the gap to apply more of what you know.

Good ideas are often lost in notes before they are applied. That’s because we are constantly flooded with new information and pressured to improve every day.

Get the right ideas at the top of your head when you need them

You need an app with processes to help you move your ideas toward action

Smarter, not harder is the way to be more productive

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Semantic Knowledge Base

Kneaver is organized on an innovative Semantic Network base. Following actual standards of the semantic web, everything boils down to items and relations between them. Items and relations can be used to represent any type of wisdom, knowledge, information or data. A large library readily available provide common aspects for everyone. You extend this libraries exactly as you enrich your repository of Knowledge by interactively adding items

Mind, Posters, Icons and more

Visuals like Maps and schemas are very efficient to represent Knowledge. As we learn to take notes quickly, as we memorize because they are synthetic and hook new stuff visually. Unlike Mindmap systems for Kneaver the map is not the territory but one among possible aspect, a view of it. Maps chain naturally because they relate to the topics in your semantic base.

Utmost Privacy

We need total peace of mind to trust a tool where we will place our private Knowledge. Kneaver is not selling as, neither for free or paying users. In fact we don’t even place your data in a database with others. You information is stored separately and activated only when you use it. Your connection with Kneaver are ssl encrypted. We even offer two solutions for increase privacy: You can use your own private instances located in the place of the world you prefer or download and install the software on one of your computers. You are our customer, nobody else

Mobile Ready

Kneaver is using all the best new technology : Mobile first Responsive design, Node.js, websockets for superfast experience, Native mobile apps to gain access to all the capabilities of your devices. .

Kneaver encourages sharing and open standards

While Kneaver don’t offer any possibility to expose directly your data (privacy and security oblige) you can maintain automatically pages on popular blog platforms like WordPress or GoogleSites. Kneaver is based on standards (XML, RDFS, Owl, json, xAPI, RSS, and offer a strong API at every level. This API can be used from a variety of popular languages or protocols likes Javascript, php, Ruby, Python, Perl, XMLRPC, RESTFul. With such a choice you can always find a geek in your network to fix this very clever feature you dreamed of for so long.

Kneaver is a new bread of power tool for peak performers. Multi competent individual and teams who keep adding knowledge and learning from their experience.

It is not a learning tool for students of pure learners. If you follow a curriculum and learn full time without constant opportunities to apply, it’s best to try Anki.

For Whom?

Brian is a first-time entrepreneur.

Brian learns a lot

He knows his domain perfectly but has to acquire quickly new skills in Marketing, Management, Finance, Web Marketing.

Brian took a 12-week seminar with Seth Godin to learn Marketing.

Brian pains to apply

He is now overwhelmed. When it comes to applying this new knowledge, Brian often realizes he forgot it, or forgot to use it at the right moment. Implementing new ideas to his context and get them from the top of his head is hard. He tends to forget as soon as new challenges arises. Challenges are the daily life of entrepreneur.

Brian matures his ideas with Kneaver

Brian is now a happy new entrepreneur. What he learns, he places it in Kneaver. Brian refines it and is ready at each opportunity to apply. He doesn’t need to overthink or overload his memory with details.

Be Brian, try Kneaver

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