A strategic view of “My Knowledge”

So here you are. You enroled and start using Kneaver. Kneaver is a way to personal mastery. You surely have some ideas of what you want to achieve. Kneaver is not just a container for notes or document, it is also here to help you follow your way.

1. Set goals.

With this first cell of “My Knowledge” it is precisely the time and place to explicite your goal.

  • Don’t be shy, goals are not set to be reached next week. You can be quite ambitious. Something like:  “I want to become an expert in fine cuisine” fits perfectly well.
  • Don’t be perfectionist. One of the big deal with Kneaver is its flexibility. Nothing here is written or organized for ever. It is an iterative ongoing effort. So write as you feel it now and move forward. Before two weeks you will have a better understanding of how to make it nicer.
  • If you feel an emotion when you write this kind of mission statement, if you feel this is an overwelming commitment it’s good. The same emotion will keep you moving on your way to personal mastery whenever you read it again, which will be often. The fact that a bold stament is disturbing is merely a sign that some tension exists in you and what you definitely don’t want is to apease it by removing it,  avoiding it, denying it or becoming use to it.

2. Introduce key terms

When you state your goal domains or disciplines will be used. Surround them with double braket to make them items of their own.

I want to be become an expert in fine cuisine    .

Good enough, now add a few sentences describing the benefits you expect from reaching this goal. It could be feelings, achievements, whatever that makes it easy to imagine how it will be when you get nearer from your goal.

Like this I will be able to please my family, invite friends, have a manual activity to balance my life, enjoy better food and take care of my health. Also I will be more autonomous and able to cater the plates I like by myself.

3. Roadmap

Next imagine the roadmap of your journey toward your goal. Of course you can rollout a complete plan from day one. Just jot down the first steps as they appear to you today. Notice that as opposed to the goal, roadmap should mention accessible, reachable stages.

I want to learn about ingredients    , hwo they interact. I want to learn some recipes     for some meals     I specially appreciate like Fish Head curry    , spaguettis    . I will learn tricks     and knacks, tours de main     necessary to achieve to results.

Again surround important tersm of the knowledge with double brakets.

You are done.

Save “My knowledge”

Later we will split more formally into goal, roadmap, mission but meanwhile let’s jump in the pool and start defining some of the terms introduced above.

me of the terms introduced above.