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Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 13 – Makayla Lewis

I met Makayla on Twitter in the form of the #SNHangout hashtag. I could see this hashtag popping up regularly. I knew nothing of her. Her full name is Dr. Makayla Lewis. She has a PhD in Human Computer Interaction (HCI, near UX and HIM) from City University London. View this post on Instagram Another […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 12 – Andrea Brücken

“Steampunk” was totally unknown to me until I followed Andrea on Twitter. Steam was powering all the machines of the early industrial revolution. Like Wifi is essential to our always-connected life. From what I got, Steampunk consists of reproducing atmospheres where the bruteness of steam time machinery juxtaposes extravagant costumes of the new middle class […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 11 – Diana Soriat

Diana is the third of the Fab Four in this advent calendar of Sketchnoters. The Fab Four is the group of German Women Sketchnoters who mastermind he International Sketchnote Camp in Hamburg in 2017. I met Diane Siorat twice. At the International Sketchnote were she was an organizer. In Lisbon for ISC18LX. I attended her session on bullet […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 10 – Katharina TheisBröhl

Katharina is the second of the Fab Four in this advent calendar of Sketchnoters. The Fab Four is the group of German Women Sketchnoters who set fire to the International Sketchnote Camp in Hamburg in 2017. The rocket is now heading to Paris in 2019 after Lisbon in 2018. In her professional life, Katharina is playing with neutrons and […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 9 – Marianne Rady

Let’s start the epic on the International Sketchnote Camp with Marianne. Technically Marianne is the first Fabulous Four I heard of. But I’m not sure of this fact. I was in Berlin for the GfWM Knowledge Camp end 2016. This was my first barcamp and my first return to Germany after a long hiatus. As […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 8 – Diane Bleck

I kept scouting the Internet for learning resources on #Sketchnoting. My goal at that time was to learn how to draw engaging pictures for my ideas. Clear writing doesn’t come easily to me. I thought: If I could add a few sketches it would be beneficial. I think it’s true for almost everyone. That’s where […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 7 – Dita Goembira

Dita Goembira is the furthest sketchnoter on the planet I know. She was the one I was less likely to ever meet. Yet I was intrigued. She too was in the fabulous Doodle Girl & Friend facebook Group. With her, with Ayoka, with Diane and others, we kept chatting and sharing drawings for a year. The magic […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 6 – Ayoka Kaiser

Technically Ayoka is the first sketchnoter I met in real life. She paid me a visit on her way to the French Atlantic Ocean coast. I knew her from the “Doodle Girl & Friend” facebook group. The group Diane Bleck created for her students. I spent a lot of time in this group and gained […]

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