Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 3 – Tammay Vora

I’ve never met Tammay, but I know we have 3 love in common. Tammay lives in India, he draws and he’s passionate about how people learn and share.

I came across Tammay’s tweets illustrated with his sketchnotes late 2015. Has such he has been in my Personal Learning Network for Sketchnoting for a long while. I was networking with people in Workplace Learning. He has a great reputation there. He has been published in Harward Business Review.

Look his last post on Peter Senge work. Tammay is not only drawing, he’s analyzing, elaborating and synthetizing. It’s a complete reflective thinking process on paper. Some people write summaries of important books, he makes visual summaries, even better.

Peter Senge on Leadership Development

In a way, Tammay’s practice is similar to Sylvia Duckworth‘. Tammay is more focused on leaderhsip and adults learning. It’s also the core of his work.

Tammay is one of the sketchnoters, I would love to meet next year for Sketchnote Camp in Paris. Looking forward for a selfie together! Otherwise I’ll go (again) to India for it. Like this, I will be able to complete this post and add more details.

His site:
His Twitter: @tnvora
On LinkedIn:

I’ll try to stay balanced and divers for this Advent calendar. One man, one woman, one Americon, One European, One Asian, or another origin on our beautiful blue planet. I have been a vocal advocate of more diversity after last Lisbon Skethnote Camp. People draw everywhere.


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