How do you differ from a Wiki ?

Kneaver is more than a Wiki.

Todays Wikis are just storing text below a keyword. They are more used as CMS and most people associate wiki with wikipedia or the wiki syntax to wiki. Wiki are a brilliant level after forums to build collectively articles. It should allow continuous conversion of threads into structured texts and supporting creating jargon on the fly. They serve as anchors for more progress.

We are ahead of the original idea of wiki. Kneaver deals with Concepts, Procedures, Events, Person and allow free linking among them, adding ideas around them. Wiki syntax is just an aspect of it as are Mindmaps or Slides. Eventually all the knowledge is kept as a semantic database, not as text and all links can be reused in either form. In a Wiki everythings stays as text and stays unstructured. For me Wiki are an unachieved concept because it was not the goal of the inventor and most work done after was just exploiting a nice concept.