Enter your experience

Imagine you start telling your life. Little
stories one after the other without pretenting being perfect or complete at once.

  1. From the homepage click on “Create My Blog”.
  2. In the “Introduction” field tell us what your blog will be about. Example: This
    is my blog where I will describe my experience in welding titanium, how I learned
    it and what I learned by myself.
  3. Click [Save], you are back to the homepage.
  4. Now you can see that the link became “My Blog”, and next to it an “Add” link. This
    is the link you use to add blog items, one after the other like writing a diary.
  5. Click the “Add” link behind My Blog.
  6. The Edit Form comes again. Note that the contents changed slightly. This one of
    the power of Kneaver that there are few forms but they are adapted to the item type
    and your level of expertise.
  7. A Blog item is basically a date, a title, a small text. Images and links can be
  8. Enter a Title like “Today I start using Kneaver.”.
  9. Using the [tab] key or with the mouse move the cursor to the “Introduction” zone
    and enter some text about your domain.
  10. Surely in your paragraph you used several of the terms that you entered in your
    first task. Place them between double square bracket like this: my experience is
    about software . This is going to make a wiki style link. There are no major differences between using kneaver links or the wiki links. It is mostly a
    question of ergonomy. In one case you place links without editing the items, in
    wiki you create them at once while entering text.What if the item placed between double bracket don’t exist ? It will be displayed
    with a question mark (?) behind it and you will be able to add the item when you
    review your blog entry today or later.
  11. Click [Save].
  12. You return to the homepage. This is the idea of “Add”. You have a crowded agenda,
    it must be fast and non intrusive. To add your daily entry, you click, you write,
    you save, you continue your work. It is a daily routine. Usually you prepared your
    entry in your head the day before or while driving to work.
  13. Let’s take a look to the Blog now by clicking the “My Blog” link. You new entry
    is there now, displayed with the date. The links you made using double bracket are
    displayed as web links. You can click on them an navigate to the reference you defined.
    Not yet existing items have a ? behind. Click and complete as you feel it. If you
    notice an error the blue dot is always taking you to Edit Mode on the item itself.

Next steps

With this short introduction you have enough to start.
Practice it several time and start taking advice from the online guide available on the application. They will bring you further. You can hide them or call them back using the settings in the left panel. You can also check the online methodology and documentation. The link is at the top of the panel.

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