What I’m doing now

This is my /now page make my work more observable. This is an initiative from Sivers

Room facing south Kanyakumari - Tamilnadu - India

Room facing south Kanyakumari – Tamilnadu – India

I’m in South India, at the tip of India for  2 months. More precisely in this room facing South, Antartica.

Between walks, sunsets, sunrises, chats and delicious food.

I’m gathering ideas for the learning-cards project. I’m collecting ideas and notes to write content for the website.

I did some experiments with react, react-native, graphQL and electron as the new stack for my projects.

I’m still learning a lot.

I’ll be in Singapore and Asutralia Afterward. Ping me if you are there so that we can arrange meetups.

I’m preparing #PKMChat topic: “How to share what you do now, why, what”, timely isn’t it?

I’m writing
– my bi-weekly recap
– catching up on my post on writing …

I’m coding
– Upgrade of Kneaver Filer, much needed. A part of the product never release but I use intensively. Kind of personal CMS.
Move it from a desktop App to a Web App.
– Some better UI for enhancing semantic “tagging” of Kneaver Items.

I’m learning
– To use DevStudio 2015 (almost done)
– To use gcc 4.9 (almost done)
– Recompiling all my source to see what is affected

I’m experimenting
– Evernote to write posts, half happy sofar

– a second chapter of my first trip to London, will serve as the first step for the Story Jumper Sunday to start #DigiWriMo
– a post on a parallel between life of entrepreneurs and the Klein bottle.