This was the very first sketch of the application. Meanwhile, several iterations were done and the possibilities increased.

The front side shows the core content. 5 slides or a short video.

Video experience may include overlays with text and buttons.

Learning Cards Front Side Learning Cards Front Side

The back side helps learners go beyond the initial content. The idea is that learners will check the back side later and several times to stretch further their understanding.

The back side is made of widgets. There is an initial offering of widgets but more can be built. Each widget type provides a way for learners to deepen their understanding.

– Social widget: post to a forum and engage in a conversation on the topic.
– Links to related postcards with suggested progressions. Postcards already completed will be dimmed.
– Bookmarks: provide a list of links to explore the topic further.
– Self-assessments like quizzes, cloze fill the blanks
– Self-initiated stretch projects: provide all the seed information to start small applications of the content

Learning Cards Back Side Learning Cards Back Side