The Ideal PKM Week

Last week #PKMChat was on the ideal week for practicing #PKM. This post to collects the best contributions.

For each tweet, you can click on the date to see the conversation around it.

You can use those are actionable items to enhance your own practice.

– Use transition times for exploration, seeking interesting news.

– some activities like listening to podcasts can take place during other tasks like driving (Simon), taking breakfast (me),

Others pain point to relativise our challenges.

We tend to all lack of time for deepening what we read.

Reflection often takes place early morning or later in the evening, at times we can focus on ourselves.

Without time for sense making, critical thinking and elaborating, exploration is almost futile. So balance is more than a goal, it’s a necessity.

Time dedicated to #PKM, Continuous professional life-long learning and development vary between 6 hours and 15 hours per week. I’m blessed to have so much time for it. With more pressure, I wouldn’t be able to allow myself so much.

Learning faster and deeper is the name of the #PKM game.

Michelle shared her views and experience in a post too, check it out:

What’s your view, which times in the week work best for each or your processes? Go share below in the comments.