Create “My Knowledge”

When you connect for the first time, the first thing
to do is to click the link “Create My Knowledge”. My Knowledge is the space where you will place Knowledge, Notes, Blog, Favorites until you share them and find them a more powerful place in the Knowledge Canvas.

If you are on the dashboard click on “Create My Knowledge” or on the small “edit” next to “My Knowledge”.

  1. When you click “Create My Knowledge” the Edit Form is displayed.
  2. You can place the cursor in the “Body” field and start typing: “This is
    my private space.”.
  3. Press the [Save] button at the top or the bottom of the page.
  4. Now “My Knowledge” is display in read mode. Edit changes can’t be done.
  5. Observe the page and notice the toolbar below the title.
  • The first icon is “Refresh”. It just displays the page again.
  • Next is the blue dot. It place you in Edit Mode as in step 1.
  • The blue + (plus) sign allows to add new items.
  • The red X allows to drop the item. A confirmation page will prevent accidental suppression.

Your first task

Collecting knowledge is iterative. Sometimes you have to enter common knowledge to set some references, sometimes you will add knowledge from your experience not yet fully formalized. Since the idea is to build a network both are necessary. Collecting common knowledge is justified because experience will reuse the terminology, Describing experience is the first stage in collecting your original knowledge and this is where are the gold nuggets. So let’s start by adding some reference terms.

  1. List 5 important terms or concept of your domain, write them down. Among them will
    surely figure the name of the domain itself. It would be “knowledge Management”
    for a KM expert, “Software Development” for us or “Aircraft design” for someone
    else. Also some basic term will come first like “Knowledge”, “Software”, “Flying”.
  2. You are in My Knowledge in read mode. If this is not the case you can go there
    very easily. Locate on the panel the GoTo Combo box, open it by pressing the arrow
    on the `right` and select “My Knowledge”.
  3. You click on the blue +.
  4. You are now on the Kneave Dialog. It will appear when you create a new item
    or link an item with another.
  5. Enter the first Term of your knowledge. Click [OK].
  6. Now you are the Edit Form but in Create Mode. This means you edit
    is against a new item, not yet existing while in Edit Mode you
    are modifying an existing item.
  7. Enter a very short definition of the item in the “Introduction” field.
  8. You can play with the formatting toolbar on the top of the page. Turn some text
    bold or slant.
  9. Click [Save] button.
  10. You are back to “My Knowledge”. A new item is added. You can see it on the
    page. It has its own toolbar with an anchor, a blue dot to edit it, a blue + sign
    to add items to it and an item to unlink it.
  11. Start again from stage 3 with another term until you become perfectly familiar.
  12. Using the blue + we made several Kneaver Style Links.

continue tutorial with “enter your experience”.