Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 6 – Ayoka Kaiser

Technically Ayoka is the first sketchnoter I met in real life. She paid me a visit on her way to the French Atlantic Ocean coast.

I knew her from the “Doodle Girl & Friend” facebook group. The group Diane Bleck created for her students. I spent a lot of time in this group and gained a lot.

I also made friends, in full respect with the group guide rules 🙂 Ayoka is such a friend.

She was sharing her work to help old people regain access to their memories. She did a beautiful work in this respect.

Her drawings are very much in line with what Diane teaches. Stylized characters, surrounded with a heavy outline made with Neuland ™ outliner, filled in plain bright colors. One card for one memory. Cards represent scenes from German country life in the past. Although the goal is therapeutic the cards are a pleasure to see. Ayoka doesn’t share much of her work of Twitter so I can’t show you one (Nudge! Nudge!).

Yes but she has an instagram! My bad I’m not often on Instagram but many sketchnoters are on instagram.

It’s also via Ayoka that I heard about the first Internation Sketchnote Camp in Hamburg.

She was helping for the organization and during the event. Of course, she knew the fabulous 4 who organized it. All totally unknown to me at that time. Knowing that I had a friend in the place was an encouragement to go against my strong impostor syndrome. My track record in the matter of sketchnoting was pretty limited.

Ayoka is now a key member of the Doodle Institute. I think we both look forward to seeing Diane Bleck in real. Maybe in Paris next September …

One more drawing as t relates to Christmas season: It’s her advent calendar. I like how her coloring is more nuanced.

Takeaway: If you are a sketchnoter and ever cross France from part to part you are welcome to make a stop at home too.

Takeaway 2: WordPress 5 includes Instagram posts very well. I shall include more of those.

Essential to start sketchnoting and becoming a visual thinker!

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