Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 10 – Katharina TheisBröhl

Katharina is the second of the Fab Four in this advent calendar of Sketchnoters. The Fab Four is the group of German Women Sketchnoters who set fire to the International Sketchnote Camp in Hamburg in 2017. The rocket is now heading to Paris in 2019 after Lisbon in 2018.

In her professional life, Katharina is playing with neutrons and nanoparticles, not with matches or rockets. Katharina is a multi-passionate. She is a physicist in atomic physic (Or quantic. way beyond what I can understand anyway). She is at the research level and travels for her experiments. She is also a teacher. She’s an artist. She sings in a choir and performed in many places.

A Christmas Show of Physics

I met Katharina in Hambourg for the International Sketchnnote Camp. Her scientific sketchnotes drew my interest. Explaining science is not easy. It’s a tough topic. Using drawing is nice but they must be relevant, accurate and understandable. Some find drawings as oversimplifying and prefer lines of equations. I saw that in Maths.

She actively promotes the use of sketchnote with her students. Her courses are sketchnotes, her papers too. She teaches her students how to take notes using sketches. A new generation of physicists in on the way.

Example of course in Sketchnote: First laws of Mechanic

She’s also engaged in climate change awareness. She drew several sketchnote on the topic and held a session in ISC18LX. She had us draw posters for dragging attention on the urgency of climate change.

That was my contribution to the exercise. Ok, we are not on the same level playing field 🙂

Katrina’s Selfie

Note again the fish in the middle, her avatar in form of a lightbulb, the blue planet on the right bottom, and neutrons on left 🙂

Katarina is a good Twitter citizen. She shares what she’s on. She retweets interesting picks from her network. Follow her on Twitter.

To find her on Twitter use her shorthand: theiskbt

Twitter: @theiskbt

Like many pros of Sketchnoting, her Internet home is on flickr. There you will find all her research sketchnotes in hires definition

Of course, there is also an Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

Selfie today with shorter hair #selfie #me #home

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Essential to start sketchnoting and becoming a visual thinker!

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