Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 7 – Dita Goembira

Dita Goembira is the furthest sketchnoter on the planet I know. She was the one I was less likely to ever meet. Yet I was intrigued.

She too was in the fabulous Doodle Girl & Friend facebook Group. With her, with Ayoka, with Diane and others, we kept chatting and sharing drawings for a year. The magic of the Internet is that timezones, nationality, all disappear. For the time we spend online we are just passionate people sharing about our passion.

Whenever I was mentioning Dita I had this picture in mind:

It’s very similar to having drawn a persona and starting to converse with her. It’s not real yet it’s almost more real because of it’s what is important which is featured.

For Dita, I was very curious to know how her joy and excitement on her drawings translate into real.

End 2017 I traveled to India, from India to Malaysia. My plan was to reach Australia by hopping from island to island. That’s when I realized that I could meet Dita on my way by stopping in Jakarta.

A few messages and the meeting was arranged.

She’s exactly like her drawings. I was very pleased to meet her. Since I use the Internet and travel, I’m surprised how so many people are accurate and authentic in their conversation. Drawing is the most universal language. Drawings were used in every place humans dwelled and it’s much easier for us to understand ourselves than by using words. By following Dita on Instagram you will surely recognize the work she does.

Her Instagram:

Dita is a graphic facilitator in Indonesia, she travels around for her work.

Essential to start sketchnoting and becoming a visual thinker!

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