How to Overcome the Forgetting curve

Script of our last video:

How to Overcome the Forgetting curve to avoid the Fear of Losing what you learn

Did you know we forget half of what we learn in the first 24 hours?

You are a constant learner, you learn a lot on different topics. Don’t you fear you miss it the moment you need it?

I assure you. when you know the science, you increase both your retention and your understanding.

Pick my good practices, only benefits, no time wasted, no fear of losing.

Question for you: How much do you remember from what you learned last week? Answer in the comments below, I’m curious.

Wait! Is this based on science?

This is Ebbinghaus, he discovered the Forgetting curve 150 years ago. It was verified again recently.


This is the forgetting curve. It’s a sharply declining curve.

We forget 50% before a day and 80% after 7 days. Amazing how fast we forget.

This means our brain starts washing up as soon as you finished learning. Only what is important stays.

Here are 5 techniques to limit your forgetting in the first hours:

First is Initial memorization.

You know it: staying focused when you listen or read will impact how much you retain.

Don’t mix two activities competing for your attention like driving and listening to a course.

Second: Shallow understanding hurts memorization.

Aim a deeper understanding from the beginning.

With retrieval practice and meaningful associations, you solicit your brain and send it a signal that THIS is important and must be preserved.

Third: Relate quickly to what you already know: your prior knowledge. Look back in past experiences.

Fourth: Imagine yourself using this new knowledge. Relate your takeaways with how you can use them.

Associate pictures and the satisfaction of having accomplished something important.

Fifth: 20 min after learning, replay quickly in your mind what you just learned, without getting back to the material.

Make an effort to retrieve as much as possible.

That’s what you can do in the first 12 hours.

Long term memorization is another story.

our next video is on retrieval practice for independent learners: the best you can do after 24 hours.

Download my list of questions to start retrieval practice on this lesson right away. Find the link is below in the description.

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