Why instant recap are better than stories or replays

Instant Recaps are hosted directly in your blog, no script, no javascript, iframe whatever. They are computed from your Kneaver space.

– much better for seo

– fully own

– faster to skim, specially with the “Visual” and “remarkable” pages.

– you see the conversations as twitter kept them.

– can copy text, tweets, links, retweet, follow directly.

– no extra loading time for each page, no wait after each 20 tweets (grin:)

– It’s organized by questions

– special recaps remarkable, links, visuals, most frequent terms.

– can be prepared upfront and links shared at once. Recap can be recomputed several times.

– They are available at once, no wait period.

– several announces are builtin: most active participant, most retweeted answers.

– the system analyzes the chat as a whole, something Twitter can’t do. tweets are attached to questions, replies to answers etc..

– It doesn’t require a login.

– each participant can do his own recap using selections. We could see in the future post like “my participation to his great chat”, “my take aways”.

– you can add remarks

– list of participants report with number of tweets, impact, number of followers and the follow button. Kneaver users can do follow several tweeps at onec and see which one they follow already.

– no duplication of existing tools like facebook event or google event. Kneaver is just adding stuff, not replacing anything.

– open to innovation : combo chat with google hanghout, synchronization of pages, deep term and semantic analysis.

– new remarkable tweets offer a quick take away of a chat.

– Chat to Content simplified: new most used terms page uses state of the art antural language processing. It displays most used terms in the shorter form theyr appeared in the chat. Together with tweets where they occur they open the way to reuse Twitter chats to produce targeted contents. The keywords being optimized are just the one you see, copy the tweets introducing them and it’s done.