How to use Audit All Items

This swiss army knife helps you to review your items at once and apply global changes like edits on the fly in the html code. It is not intended for an every day use. It is intended for fixing database issues like orphan items, badly type items and general review. This means that you will use it only when you feel an urgent need to uplift the database or if you are directed to do so by [[support]]. Note that scope will apply and you won’t be able to audit items normally inaccessible to you or system items.

You reach the page from Dashboard=>Plus=>Audit All items. It is a heavy page and may take some time to load.

The first use of the page will display a page of items Items are ordered by POKId, this don’t make much sense for end user but has the benefit of being stable and predictable.

Selection check boxes allow selection of individual items. In both header and footer areas a check box allows selection or deselection of all items at once.

You can access and select a set of items directly by typing the list in the selection input zone. The list will be obtained either by support or from reviewing faulty items that need to be fixed. On January 2013 a typical list is a list of number, separated by commas with no spaces and no commas at end and at beginning. This list is also updated when you click on the selection check boxes. An example of the use of direct list is to collect a list of faulty item.

A very convenient use of [[Audit All Items]] is to cleanup globally a database. Say you copied a database because you want to definitely separate two domains and see like this a group database. This will require some cleanup. Instead of traversing all items, pages after pages you have here a way to have a complete view at glance and remove all what is not relevant to the new usage.

Another interesting use if to uniformize titles, jargon. Often several variations have been tried over the time and the ability to review them all in one page is valuable.

This feature will evolve based on demands. there are plenty of possibilities not yet explored.