Live Sharing screen shots and picture

    I came with a silly idea 🙂

    I wish to make my work more observable. A bit like a stonecutter could take a picture of his works every hour and it would end up with a still motion of the stone work done over a few days.

    So here it goes.


    I’m going to reuse the actvity tracker addins I have on KneaverTry and take a screen shot of my screen (or a portion of it) at regular intervals (like every hour to start), together with a small picture of myself at the same time as well as the name of the program I’m using and the file or the URL.

    It will stop when there is no activity on the computer, proof I’m not using it. This is already in the activity tracker and works well.


    Next I push this to my web server and there a small app will display the last 24 hours.

    The display will be like a slide show, the screen shot with my picture as a medaillon. My face will not appear much larger than on a blab.

    The app will allow to resume if the display reached the lastest pictures and more pcitures became available in between (similar to what Twitter does).


    I will surely quickly add someting to allow me to review and remove frames I don’t want to share. I will add a smal delay before publication like there is for live broacasts.

    I could add the lastest tweets, blog posts or update of those (now that I use Kneaver for live blogging)

    I could add some other live data like inside, outside temperature, sun. This is already tracked in a database.

    Benefits of picture over videos is that they can be skimmed. 24 hours will take 2 mins, one can always stop and look in more detail one picture. If really there is interest then it’s easy to engage and start chatting.

    I plan to host a WebRTC page for that purpose.


    It’s a bit silly but it’s an experiment and others are fine at sharing vlog of their live or thoughts. Mine are less visual be could be more deep.

    Fits me well.