#PLN for organisations

I was inspired by Helen’s post on pitching a CEO the value of PLN. It’s very complete, a deep analyse, of the topic.

I’m more in the situation where people ask me about this or that or I’m selling. This is the position I adopted.

I eventually wrote a presentation as if I was selling or consulting on PLN.

10 slides for less than an hour.


It is the realistic counterpart of my previous humorous post.

Of course, CEO don’t have PLN. They just have peers, consultants, directors, friends and alumni to whom they freely ask opinions. So the slides are not about having a PLN but what are the benefits of having employees develop their PLN followed by some guidelines. I’m sure I missed several aspects so feel free to comment. I will update the document based on comments.

Companies under the direction of CEOs invested vast amounts of money in Enterprise Software, databases, groupware and now social networks. Since they bought Word licenses few has been done to empower people on an autonomous base. Kneaver as PKM solution could be a step in this rebalancing effort.

This presentation was done in the context of the excellent course Exploring Personal Learning Networks by Kimberly Scott and Jeff Merrell  My original goal for the final artifact was to collate hints about maintaining the network, drawing it and so. Just postponed.