Making-Of Creating of Story out of a conversation

    It all started from a tweet from Maha Bali

    This was yesterday evening after a long slow chat I initiated in the morning. I slept on it, think about it again during the day and I cam out with this idea to prototype the recap as using a prototype of a feature itself described in a prototype of #WOL process. Let’s play 4 bands billiard.

    Doing a recap, great idea, but I was not going to do it on Storify. Outside from objections I have against placing content in rented space there is also the fact that I think Kneaver combined with WordPress can do just the same.

    However the feature don’t exists as a simple click. How it could be done and where pieces are missing is what I’m going to explore here. It will act as a very transparent prototype of the feature. It will also show how I design new features. Fits nicely in #ShowYourWork applied to my work. I expect to collect some opinions and feedbacks that I can turn into the prototype. This would eventually produce at first iteration a much better feature d-odesigned with potential users.

    This blog is itself a story. It will be updated as I do progress. A kind of Live Blog Posts with new paragraphs as the story unroll. It will be published directly from Kneaver to WordPress. This means that you may have to force the refresh of the page or click the link below to get the new version.

    Refresh for Next Update