Wake up morning Knowledge Process

Knowledge and Processes

Hard to say what Knowledge consists of but it’s easier to introspect on our practices and see how it changes between two moments. Not only this emerge incoming and outgoing flows but also the processes attached to it. In a second stage, it’s an occasion to have a reflective look on them. While Knowledge is rather permanent, processes are more a matter of habits and could change. Some tweeps in #PKMChat are often writing about how they review their Knowledge processes.

I had this idea of taking a close look to processes that happen during my day when I wake up this morning. Why not starting this serie of posts with the wake-up moment. The slice of time span between two timestamps t0 and t1: to is when I open my eyes, t1 when I reach my keyboard.

So what happened between t0 and t1?

– Memory comes back of what happened yesterday

– What I did, left unfinished, failed, succeeded. A ping often on what I failed to accomplish.

– What I wish to do today. If it’s already so burning, so urgent to continue, I would stand up at once, shortcut everything and resume my work.

– What happened a little earlier, a few days before.

– The more I think, the more the Wayback machine goes. At some stage I better stop.

this remembrance process has several benefits

– I have often new ways, more detached looks on recent events or work. this leads very often to new ideas.

– I keep a booklet and a pen next to my bed. I often write but rarely bring them to my desk. I like to carry with me what I remembered and then confront later what I wrote at once and later. The collision and what was forgotten often indicates some areas to dig deeper or resistances.

– A bad point is that it can take time, impact my normal wake up routine. What is really effective are the 5 first minutes.

– It should not continue while I practice yoga. Side effect when I do is also that yoga takes as much time. No benefits.

– I do the same if I have insomnia ( happens but rare).

– Often new ideas pop in my mind on problems I’ve been working for hours the day before. Suddenly the solution is in front of me, without any effort. This make me wonder if the long hours I spend the night before are part of this process or totally useless.

– same for old problems. Problems I could have thought of for years suddenly solutions comes right when I open my eyes. Like this morning.

– also an occasion to refresh my memory and create new linkages between chunks of memory.

Staying mindful

Normally it stops there for 30′ for Yoga and morning routine until I reach a cup of coffee.

I rarely write during my coffee, I usually listen to news (should drop this habit and switch to Helen’s radio or alike) and loosely plan my day.

In Summer, my morning routine is much longer because I take care of watering plants. I try to be mindful of the present time while doing so, as during Yoga but my mind often wander.

I wrote already on my morning routine or my work routine. But this was way more general and lacked deeper investigation in the Knowledge processes.

Profits and Loss

At the time I wrote this post I didn’t read my notes again. The ones I wrote this morning. I’ll update with how they differ, how maturation took place when I reached a keyboard precisely.

I’m lucky to have little constraints. A choice I made very early in my life by always being my own boss. Still there are days where I have events, appointments, phone calls and I need to accelerate the process, I can’t afford this time.

For me, it’s a matter of creativity, of problem-solving and deep memorizing.

Since there are not inputs we are pretty sure that no incoming flows or outgoing ones are at stake. The whole process takes place only on stocked knowledge and information. Some maturation takes place that moves ideas into knowledge, filter out others, open new doors, creates new links. Notes can be considered as a flow but they are deferred so could be factored out.

There are also benefits of taking the work done during a different state of the brain by having a smooth transition. Benefits also in the way the body function but this is very person dependant. Instead of relying on dopamine shoots from reading emails, or coffee to wake up a combination of a short moment to think reflectively and yoga is usually the sign of a very energetic and productive day. Typically I don’t need a lot of stimulation to work long hours and be productive.

Some early risers may find my routine very low energetic. I know some people stand up as soon as they open their eyes, others get hold of their cell phone and check their mail and twitter asap. Let’s keep in mind that personal knowledge processes are individual and very personal. I know early risers who manage to wake up yet 15 minutes earlier to have this moment.

What are yours? do you have a wake-up knowledge process?
If not when does it takes place? When you allow time for deferred reflection on what you learned or did.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts, your comments or maybe you will be inspired to write a post yourself.

I’ll myself post updates as comments and do a synthesis later.

PS: This is my first half-baked post. More will follow in this category.