3 Evidence-Based Tactics to Learn more Efficiently from Live Events

Alternate headlines: 3 Tactics to Learn from Live Events with ease — with sketchnoting clues Proven learning practices are not solely for school teachers; we can apply them deliberately in our self-directed journey. Since there is no instructor in charge, you are the one taking care. Let’s grab some pros actionable tips. You know my […]

How you can use Email Aliases for Subscribing

Don’t compromise your email address to get information Use case: You want this great whitepaper but it comes with a price tag: you are asked for an email address. In fact you are really subscribing to a string of emails in the future. Download after download your inbox becomes more cluttered. This new service seems […]

Define properly

How to get one precise definition Use case: You read something attentively and wish to go behind guessing which concept stands behind a noun phrase. Authors tend to add specific expressions we get but don’t grasp the exact definition. When it comes to get a real understanding, we need to go for definitions. When we […]

How to Quickly Find old Tweets

Learn 2 operators to drastically improve your searches for old tweets Use case; You saw the above manual retweet 2 weeks ago during a chat and now you want to find the original tweet to include it in a post. How do you find it in seconds instead of scrolling for minutes and being distracted? […]