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WordPress Configuration

For novices: You are now reading a post on a WordPress Blog. This post explains how it is setup. WordPress is also the CMS to manage all the static pages on the site. I manage many other WordPress site: either for personal interests or for other Kneaver related companies. Given most Kneaver users will end […]

Twitter Chats rituals

Did you already participate to a twitter chat? You will notice that each chat has it’s ritual. The ritual pretty much define the voice of the chat. When I started #PKMChat I took time to observe existing rituals and introductions from other chats. Being a techie guy I turn it into a feature of Kneaver […]

The story of Kneaver Episode #1

How to write questions for Twitter Chats

Resources for Twitter Chat Hosts

This page is a curated list of blog posts on twitter chats from the point of view of the host or the organizer. Blog Posts on this site: The weekly routine of #PKMChat – Before the party How to write questions for Twitter Chats Twitter Chats rituals Why instant recaps are better than stories or […]

Needs for Contents Planning

Sunday Afternoon. I started the day with the firm intention to write first. This is my goal for 2015 and I want to ramp up in my practice of sharing what I know. 17:00 Still nothing written 🙂 What happened ? While I don’t lack topics or ideas for posts I’m mostly blocked by the […]

How to maintain safely a WordPress Blog

1. Background Tweeps from #lrnchat exchanged their concerns on maintaining their blogs. Since I have some background on the topic I felt I could share a few pro tips. Also, since WordPress is Kneaver preferred way to publish, it will interest Kneaver users. It is also an experiment for me to write something useful in […]

Lessons from my first experience of hosting a #PKMChat

It has been 3 hours now that the inaugural #PKMChat took place. Judging from the enthousiam and the messages I received it has been a success. Fun fact I didn’t get the stats yet. My priority as it is still fresh is to do like an After Action Review of the processs. I adhere to […]

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