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#PKMChat 2015-05-20 Badges for Self-Directed Learning

By Bruno Winck on Sunday, May 17th, 2015 in #PKMChat, ChatGuest, ChatTopic, Learning. 1 Comment

Exploring open badges for the self-directed learner Badges are a digital credential – a visual representation of a skill or achievement earned by an individual through specific projects, programmes, courses or other activities. Open Badges makes it easy for any organisation to issue, manage and display digital badges across the web. An individual can have […]

#PKMChat 2014-12-03 Do we learn or not from MOOCs

By Bruno Winck on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 in #PKMChat, ChatGuest, ChatTopic, Learning. 2 Comments

Dedicated Hosts: @pkmchat Let’s get to the point: Are MOOCs bringing any good? MOOCs stands for Massive Open Online Course like coursera.com ,novoed.com ,edx.org . They covers tons of topics often by top experts in their field. However a controversy started on their efficiency, ability to scale or negative impact it could cause to other […]

#PKMChat 2014-11-26 How do we learn from Experience

By Bruno Winck on Monday, November 24th, 2014 in #PKMChat, ChatTopic, Learning. No Comments

Remarkable Tweets – Go to chat main page Learning from experience is our primary source of learning outside of learning directly or indirectly from others. What are the different type of experiences (Positive, Negative, Experiments, Learning by doing). Is there a correlation between the type of experience and what can be learned from it. Could/should […]

#PKMChat 2014-11-12 How we learn from Twitter

By Bruno Winck on Monday, November 10th, 2014 in #PKMChat, ChatTopic, Learning. No Comments

Remarkable Tweets – Go to chat main page Dress Code: GIfs, Meme and pancakes are OK Outside from many other benefits Twitter is a place where we learn. In this chat you are invited to get deeper in how we learn, what kind of stuff we learn, how we progress in our learning and share […]