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Time: New York Wed, Mar 20th, 3 PM ET, Paris 8 PM CET, Sydney Thu, Mar 21st 6 AM AEDT

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Hashtag: #PKMChat

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This chat starts where our last chat ended

Serie of Topics imagined after the epic failure of last chat on touchpoint. Topic didn’t drag a massive audience and was not well introduced to make easy to join). After a private conversation with sole participant @srjf, I realized it has to be chunk in multiple small steps.
Now we have ideas from our readings, watching videos and listening to podcasts. We connected those ideas as we saw that’s it’s more powerful than keeping them in lists.

As we will realize in the first questions connections are great but can quickly be overwhelming. The key is to keep them minimal. No need to connect things which are already connected by a nearby , intermediate idea. Even minimal, the best is to arrange our ideas in structures. Not all ideas fit in structures but having some of them arranged like this will bring clarity. Structures are also the step before identifying models.

In the visual thinking world, structure are layouts. We have more freedom than in text, we have also more visual metaphors.


PKMChat being about Personal Knowledge Management encompass Knowledge lifecycle in general. Our first chat was about learning, acquiring Knowledge. Our second is about sharing it. Week after weeks we will switch from one end of the lifecycle to another while exploring all the channels that could be used: social, formal, writing, videos. Feel free to suggest topics by tweeting to @pkmchat.


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  • NB: Questions are subject to change without notice.

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