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MVE Minimum Viable Explanations

Well as the topic explains it it’s minimal. Once again #PKMChat , embarks us to explore uncharted territories of personal Knowledge. We get used to express ourselves using tweets in less than 140 chars Think about how this (creative) constraint changed our life: “With just 140 characters to work with, Twitter forces your agents to focus their messages and be concise. In this medium they aren’t expected to write out long grammatically correct sentences, or be very formal. As a result they can usually handle inquiries in half the time.” From: https://www.desk.com/success-center/twitter-new-customer-service or “Twitter forces you to exercise your vocabulary Since you only have 140 characters to get your message across, you’re forced to dust off your dictionary and thesaurus and find new words to use—Words that are shorter, words that are more descriptive, and words that get the job done in 140 characters or less.” From: http://www.copyblogger.com/twitter-writing/ Describing problems or solutions can be hard: Twitter Tech Support: How Effective Is Tweeting a Tech Problem?http://www.pcworld.com/article/253785/twitter_tech_support_how_effective_is_tweeting_a_tech_problem_.html Today we are more concerned by expressing key ideas than specific detailed cases. Couldn’t we apply this to find the core of our thinking? What if we restrict ourselves to keep only notes in such minimalist form? what if explain ourselves with coworkers, customers or suppliers only around a restricted language and the absolute minimum words. It’s not about making short books or removing stories, explanations. It’s not about letting go our rich language. It’s about condensing what we really deem as important in a minimal way so as to declutter our memory, our notes our communication. Once you get to the very minimum, it’s still time to add details, decoration before sharing but what is essential is known. Imagine your personal knowledge bank being only made of tweet like notes. Wouldn’t it be cool? PKMChat being about Personal Knowledge Management encompass Knowledge lifecycle in general. Our first chat was about learning, acquiring Knowledge. Our second is about sharing it. Week after weeks we will switch from one end of the lifecycle to another while exploring all the channels that could be used: social, formal, writing, videos. Feel free to suggest topics by tweeting to @pkmchat.


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