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#PKMChat 2017-03-29 PKM w/o technology

By Bruno Winck on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 in #PKMChat, ChatTopic. 4 Comments

PKM w/o technology A follow up of an informal conversation we had a few days ago. Personal knowledge does not live in repositories- it lives in us #PKM #PKMChat— Michelle Ockers (@MichelleOckers) March 20, 2017 @brunowinck How do you make time to journal and track so much of what you do? I'm in awe of […]

#PKMChat 2017-03-22 MVE Minimum Viable Explanations

By Bruno Winck on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 in #PKMChat, ChatTopic. 3 Comments

MVE Minimum Viable Explanations Well as the topic explains it it’s minimal. Once again #PKMChat , embarks us to explore uncharted territories of personal Knowledge. We get used to express ourselves using tweets in less than 140 chars Think about how this (creative) constraint changed our life: “With just 140 characters to work with, Twitter […]

#PKMChat 2017 Shelf Life of Knowledge

By Bruno Winck on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 in #PKMChat, ChatTopic. 5 Comments

Shelf Life of Knowledge Spring is back. US switched to DST this week and our chat will take place one hour earlier for our regulars from Europe, UK, Australia and New Zealand. It’s also the time to collect dead leaves, prune dead branches of trees. What about our Knowledge? – How long is the shelf […]