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Time: New York Wed, Nov 12th, 1 PM ET, Paris 7 PM CET, Sydney Thu, Nov 13th 5 AM AEDT

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Hashtag: #PKMChat

Dedicated Hosts: @pkmchat

Moderators: @brunowinck, @kneaver

Questions will come from @pkmchat, you may want to reply to @pkmchat to prevent your tweets to disturb your followers.

Venue: Twitter, your favorite tool

Dress Code: GIFs, Memes and pancakes are OK

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Outside from many other benefits Twitter is a place where we learn.

In this chat you are invited to get deeper in how we learn, what kind of stuff we learn, how we progress in our learning and share some great experiences. Twitter Chats are really the experience we have in mind. What kind of things are we taking away from those chats. How this learning happen. Who do we met there and do we form relationship that impact our learning journey. When does retention happen, is being present live sufficient to make this learning durable. Is really learning after all ? Could we share cases where Twitter chats ended up changing our attitude or behaviour. This first chat of #pkmchat is going to be like a reflection on chats themselves, since many of us are experienced Twitter chatters. Learning is with Knowledge hoarding, sharing and relating a pillar of Personal Knowledge Management, the topic of this weekly chat. In future events we may explore other type of learning experience but also how we share, write, organize our Knowledge.
Christin Kardos - Learning From Answers #HBRogue



  • Q1: What learning experiences on Twitter have changed your attitude or behaviour?
    • What made them impactful, changed your practice, competencies, perspectives persistently?
  • Q2: Do you form relationships to learn more, maintain a PLN?
    • Your PLN is a network of people you learn from. Do you grow your network following Twitter chats? Do you form relationships from which you can learn more ? Describe what cause you to follow or list tweeps in view of learning from them.
  • Q3: How do you retain what you learned from a twitter chat?
    • Is it sufficient just to attend a live event et voilà or do have your own tips to share ? Does the live experience impact how much you learn and retain? Is an enjoyable time beneficial or would pancakes and meme gif throwing distract you ? Do you read, use prereading, recaps, replays, synthesis?
  • Q4: What is hard to learn, what does work, what is effective, what is not?
  • Q5: List kind of takeaways from chats
    • When you think about Twitter chats that you’ve taken part in and learned from, what kinds of things did you take away from them? Information, Links, Knowledge, testimonies are shared during chats. How would categorize further what you learned.
  • Q6: (optional): How do Twitter chats play/relate with other types of Learning ?
    • How it fits with oher types of life long learning: reading, webinar, book, courses.
  • NB: Questions are subject to change without notice.

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