Visual Library Design Process – Step 1

This is an app I’m working on. It’s a visual library app. It will help to build a habit of drawing every day quick sketches. Day by day you grow your visual vocabulary.

I’m using UX sketching for the design. Mind that it’s app for my own company and I’m not a designer per say. My core expertise is in coding. So my sketches are very minimal and quite rough. I’m incorporating here my learning from the UX Sketching course taught by Kirstina Szerovay

My goal with this app is also to think about a fast, easy workflow from early design to the final app. This without losing the benefits of a good design process.

In between I take this opportunity to test several new tools, to see how they could help me.

I start with a spec and a concept I imagined from observing how people work. My domain is personal knowledge management. Everything about how people deepen their knowledge for their work and their careers.

So visual thinking is one. Being faster to draw and being more fluent is key. Nothing exists so I bring my brick.

Next, I draw some screens, on index cards.

I like to play with the cards as if they were the real app. I did a video to demonstrate that.