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Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 5 – Mike Rohde

Of course, I heard about Mike Rohde, his books, his work as an illustrator for famous books Rework and Remote. At that time, I was a bit short cash and buying more books was not a priority. That postponed my encounter with the work of Mike. Finally, in 2017, I bought the books, read them […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 4 – Krisztina Szerovay

Sometime in 2016, I got a super brilliant idea. Why not using for my work, what I learned for in sketchnoting? I was already in Diane Bleck Doodle Institute but I was seeing it as a personal development. I was working on prototypes at that time. I knew I had to do an effort in […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 3 – Tammay Vora

I’ve never met Tammay, but I know we have 3 love in common. Tammay lives in India, he draws and he’s passionate about how people learn and share. I came across Tammay’s tweets illustrated with his sketchnotes late 2015. Has such he has been in my Personal Learning Network for Sketchnoting for a long while. […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 2 – Sylvia Duckworth

Even if you don’t know her, you know her drawings. Sharp drawings made with bright colors explaining complex topics in learning or psychology. If I show you one, you’ll say “oh yes, I recognize this style”. Like this one, shared by my friend Diana Battery Life #ftw 👍(by @sylviaduckworth via @chboursin)#wifi#tech#humor pic.twitter.com/rJOJEIxj4t — Diana Adams […]

Sketchnote Advent Calendar: 1 – Mauro Toselli aka @xLontrax

Let’s start this advent calendar with Mauro. let’s follow the order of my discovery. Mauro Toselli is also a keystone of the Sketchnoting community, so he is well placed in first position. I notice Mauro appear in my Twitter feed around 2015. Someone retweeted his work. He was sharing pictures of a long walk in […]

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