My #PLN meets HR and NDA

Warning: Humor ahead.

I’m in a bright mood this morning. We had a very nice introduction this night by Kim and Jeff on PLN in the organization. Plenty of ideas comes to my mind very much related to Kneaver itself. because eventually what is at stake is the individual versus organisations.

When you leave your job, you don’t let your PLN behind, would you. It has no recognized value anyway you’ve been told. Nothing material, tangible that would trigger the metal detector like your own device. You can take it away.

So same when you’re hired again, you bring it in as a valuable asset but never mention it.

Now imagine PLNs starts to have an existence in organisations, like knowledge had in its time and became KM, phones becames #BYOD etc.. To make my long list of thoughs more enjoyable I turned it into a fictional interview. We are in a distant future, say january 2014, 30 years after 1984. PLN are recognized as an essential capacity of a potential hire. As such they are part of the interview.

Here goes the interview:

Interviewer: Do you have a PLN ?

Interviewee: Yes

Is it a PLN ? PLN or PLN ?


Personal, private of professional LN ?


Great, who do you count in it ?

My mother, rels I kept from college, former co-workers, people I met on Twitter

Any influencers ?

Yes I’m familiar with Y, Z, T, they follow me. I have xxxx followers

Nice you’re really of this generation, hyperconnected and all. Surely we could find some use of your network. That’s an extra capability worth being mentionned on your resumé.

So do you mean you could call your mother during work hours ?

Yes she likes it, always glad to help, take coffee and all.

Yes but how could I be sure it’s for professionnal reason and you are not just hanging on the phone

… (thinking: how dare you )

You mentionned you use Twitter for reaching out to your PLN. Does it mean that it could happen that internal, confidential matters could end up being discussed on the public place ?

thinking: xxx (Facebook CTO), Guys, I just crashed our central credential machine, any hint how I could quickly repair a #badlydamaged user database ? #PLN #urgent #veryurgent

saying: No this is just to keep abreast of latest news

Oh so you really SPEND TIME on social media. Why don’t you use a filter bubble ? I heard they are nice to alleviate from all the noise

Sure not, I’m for the hard way, I read everything and make my mind from the noise itself

thinking: … a geek …. a real one

But since you have a PLN it surely really helps you to be creative, get your ideas validated in seconds. It’s like being able to scale to a thousand brains within seconds (and we are going to hire thousand brains for the cost of one $$$)

Yes, this is part of my value, sure you can count on me

Yes but what if you accidentaly leak some prcious confidential matter. We are in a pretty competitive market, I see here you name YY as being part of your PLN but I just read in the news (On Twitter, yeaaah I also have my PLN grin:) that he was hired by our competitor yesterday.

thinking: … he didn’t tell me the liar ! so he ran for this position I told him about on Twitter, the same job I was interviewed last week and may be he even used my feedback on it …

They even keep people staying day long at the nearby starbuck trying to engage and blend with our team.

So imagine you share some picture of some of our new product on your wall, just for your near friends of course #privacysettings.

dreaming: … hey guys just look at me wearing the new to be shortly announced Google Watch, the team next to me is inventing …

saying: He’s no more a friend of me, effective now.

doing: takes his iPhone out of the pocket and ostensibly strike away the said friend from his Fb account.

Hum, uses Facebook, Iphone, don’t like Filter Bubble, will reach for his mother for a reason or another, let’s ditch him.

Thank you soo much for coming, it has beeen such a pleasure to chat with you, and so instructive.

Should I expect an offer ? When ? it happens that I have other interviews later this week ? I’m envisionned for a senior position at XXX

I know my PLN told me. Surely expect something from us, say later next week. I let you know by Tweeter. Follow #youdidntmakeit hashtag