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A PKM Clean start

It took me a while to realize that I don’t have a PKM framework and an associated strategy. Wait! Bruno, you, the bright mastermind of Kneaver, the killing PKM app you don’t have a well-crafted, super exciting framework to offer? So it means you just pretended? No, this was an aha moment I had while […]

The Tao of Twitter lists

Tao is an ancient Chinese philosophy that influenced Zen a Japanese lifestyle practice. I named my post like this because I felt that those ideas and guidelines will let you regain a Zen-like practice of Twitter and social media. To master something and reach zen-itude we need to understand the forces and concepts underneath and […]

The Compass of an Independent Learner

An independent learner is a lifelong self-directed learner who retain the control of his compass. He resists to influencers, react moderately to short-term events, and keep his eyes fixed on his final objectives. The Compass is Fragile and Precious Back in sail long haul navigation, the compass was a fragile yet overly precious part of […]

Micro-Processes in Learning and KM for the Agile Knowledge Worker

Last summer #PKMChat explored some Learning and Knowledge Management practices in the form of a Periodical Table. If we dive into each of those practices with an electronic microscope as we dive into atoms we can find smaller processes. I called them KM MicroProcesses. At the other end of the scale, we have frameworks like […]

Paleo Learning Technology

Back to the Trees! I ventured for 2 years in the Learning and Development community to deepen my knowledge on Learning. I was surprised by the buzz around informal learning, formal learning, and social learning. I think it’s fine to reinstate informal and social learning but not to appropriate ownership as if it was an […]

A futuristic metaphor of KM and Learning

Last Thursday morning, ideas collided in my head from the webinar, chats, and conversations I had the day before. I ended up with a funny metaphor of Knowledge, lifelong learning and the role of L&D. I wish to share it with you. I came to this conclusion “L&D should be like air traffic controllers, not […]

Wheel of Life experience

This Sunday I learned about using the wheel of life in self-coaching and taught myself Google App script programming. The Wheel of Life is a coaching device to assess current environment conditions before and during development. It applies to personal development as well as professional development, just the labels vary. I was introduced to this […]

The Entrepreneur’s dilemna and the Klein Bottle

This post is dedicated to @VioletaNedkova who was kind enough to invite me in her Accountability group on Facebook and encourages everyone to write, write and write. It is also Dedicated to @Cass Lee with whom I chat within this group on Mathematic. First time I came across someone loving mathematics on Social Media. While […]

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