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How I (don’t) write (well)

I started the 30 days writing challenge last week. I wrote this post to share my experience. Some original ideas but mostly real life experience that could bring some insights for your own practice. How is it going so far? In 9 days, I published 7 posts including this one. One post on Kneaver was […]

Lessons Learned from Interviews

I reached the extraordinary number of two interviews via Google Hangouts but already harvested tons of tips. Why not sharing them? I will update this post as my list grows. Last tips will go at the end. This post is really organized as a simple list. Prepare, prepare, prepare again. The process is not complex […]

My Following Policy

My conclusion is that “A following policy cannot be finalized”. I started this post and didn’t complete it as I couldn’t find any conclusion. 8 Months later I realize it’s just an ever open topic: it will never end. Following, not following, tools and practices change constantly and we need to adapt. It’s an example […]

Needs for Contents Planning

Sunday Afternoon. I started the day with the firm intention to write first. This is my goal for 2015 and I want to ramp up in my practice of sharing what I know. 17:00 Still nothing written 🙂 What happened ? While I don’t lack topics or ideas for posts I’m mostly blocked by the […]

Why instant recap are better than stories or replays

Instant Recaps are hosted directly in your blog, no script, no javascript, iframe whatever. They are computed from your Kneaver space. – much better for seo – fully own – faster to skim, specially with the “Visual” and “remarkable” pages. – you see the conversations as twitter kept them. – can copy text, tweets, links, […]

Prototyping the new UX design

I wish to share how I’m designing the new UX for Kneaver. The goal is to streamline the use of Kneaver, specially on smart phones, according to common scenarios (taking notes in urgence, searching for information while doing something else, reviewing while idle, etc..) Following advices from Mayra, Andrew and posts from LukeW, I started with the smallest breakpoint : handsets […]

How I learn from Twitter chats

See also how use to Kneaver for Twitter chat This how chat2lrn typical ends: QWrap) Chatting is great…but reflection and action are better. What is your ‘take away’ from our chat? I am a big fan of twitter chats since I discovered #ragansocial focused on social media marketing. later on I found a list of […]

How I work

Note: While reviewing this post on 2015-06-26 it needs to be refreshed. It’s an interesting challenge to disclose one’s way of work. Still it took me a while to prepare it. I realized that many people I follow on twitter did the same and there is an even longer list on lifehacker. It’s also an assignment […]

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