Learning postcards: How they differ from “your fav tool name here”

Whenever I present Kneaver learning postcards to learning pros or techies I receive an objection in the form of: Isn’t it the same as “fav tool name here”? Why not using ? It’s true, everything on computers boils down to text files and videos. We could do everything with emacs and a camcorder. The author […]

Learning postcards: revenue model

I was asked recently how I expected to make money from the learning-cards. Obviously, it’s a very important question I chose to defer until a first iteration of the product is available. I made this choice because I think there are many ways to have revenues from users but not all fit my idea of […]

Learning Postcards: Sketching the UX

I spend time earlier this month to learn and set up a new stack for this app. I also refined the definition of it by digging into Micro-learnings and brainstorming on the concept. We did a #PKMChat on Microlearning to collect some feedback and opinions. Now it’s time for creating. I attended a webinar on […]

Learning Postcards: Brand Story

Introduction The brand story tells the story of an idea from customer’s perspective in a short and simple way. An idea I learned from a webinar�with Michael Hyatt. Read more about it. Want to know more? Register on our mailing list and get more details as soon as they become available. You will be also […]